Lash Care Instructions

  • Make sure your hands are clean before applying your eyelashes.
  • Measure your XO Lashes to your natural lash line. If lashes need to be trimmed, cut from outer corner.
  • Apply glue to lash strip. Gently fan or allow to sit for 15-20 seconds until tacky.
  • Carefully apply your XO Lashes to your lash line. Hold until glue is┬ácompletely dry and your eyelashes are secured.
  • Saturate cotton swab with oil-free based makeup remover
  • Rub cotton swab along your lash line until your XO Lashes can be easily removed
  • Use makeup remover to remove any bits of lash glue that may remain on your natural lashes and/or your XO Lashes
  • Saturate one cotton swab with oil-free based makeup remover and another with rubbing alcohol
  • Wipe makeup remover saturated cotton swab along lash strip to soften the glue.
  • Use angled tweezers to remove glue from lash strip. Make sure to hold lashes firmly while doing this step to avoid gripping lash thread.
  • Take alcohol saturated cotton swab and wipe along lash strip to remove remainder glue and to disinfect lashes for later use
    • Always apply eyeliner or mascara before applying lashes
    • It is not recommended to apply mascara to false eyelashes
    • Cleaning is recommended every 2-3 wears
    • Use oil-free based makeup remover only
    • Do not shower in your lashes
    • Always remove your lashes before going to sleep
    • Always place your XO Lashes back in their box