Brand Ambassador Information

If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador you must read all of the information mentioned on this page and then fill out our ambassador application at the end.

Say Tay is looking for beautiful ambassadors who really want to be apart of the team and are dedicated to slaying. Being an XO Brand Ambassador, not only will you have access to the best lashes at a special discounted price, but you will also be one of the main faces featured on our social media and website! 


How It Works 

If you're qualified to become an ambassador, you're going to be put on a list along with other ambassadors. The list will be ranked based on which ambassador posts/promotes the most. Ambassadors with the highest rank gets the highest discount! With that being said, the amount of money that you will be spending on your lashes depends entirely on you! The list will be updated weekly & will go a little something like this:

Ambassador's   Instagram

# of   Posts per   Week

Ambassador   Discount

@ambassador_1 5 100%
@ambassador_2 4 80%
@ambassador_3 3 60%
@ambassador_4 2 40%
@ambassador_5  1 20%



Minimum Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: All XO Ambassadors must follow the minimum requirements to avoid being disqualified and removed from our Ambassador List.

1. Post twice a week (1 story post & 1 feed post).

2. By the end of each week, send 3 pictures to our DM or videos to 901-314-6323 along with the name of the lash style you are wearing. (Do NOT send videos to DM! If you sent a video to the number listed above and do not receive a response within 24 hours, your video was not received.)

Following these requirements will keep you on our Ambassador List but do not guarantee a spot at the top! If you don't follow the minimum requirements you will be disqualified and removed from the list! No exceptions!


Steps to Take After You Join the Team

1. Create an account.

2. Receive your personal XOBA discount code.

3. Order one pair of lashes as your starter pair.

4. Use your XOBA discount code at checkout. (Shipping will not be included in your Ambassador Discount!)

    After your first time using your code and you receive your lashes, all ambassador discount percentages will be updated daily based on your rank on the list!


    When to Place Your Next Order

    Since XO lashes can be worn consecutively for almost a month with proper care, there will be an order schedule set in place. Brand Ambassadors are responsible for taking care of their lashes! No replacements will be given! You are encouraged to choose different lash styles for each order you place. Brand Ambassadors are also responsible for placing their own orders! After your first order, your second order can consist of two pairs. Your third order should be placed three weeks after and consist of one pair. After your third order, every order you place should be two weeks after. Orders must be placed on MONDAYS only.  You will not be able to place orders in advance! The Order Schedule will go as follows:

    Order  # of   Lashes Order Schedule
    First Order 1 pair

    Place next order after 1 week


    Second Order 2 pairs

    Place next order after 3 weeks


    Third Order 1 pair

    Place next order after 2 weeks


    Fourth Order 1 pair

    Place next order after 2 weeks


    Fifth Order 1 pair Place next order after 2 weeks


     If you are still interested in becoming a dedicated ambassador for XO Lash Collection and are able to follow ALL of our instructions/requirements with NO problems, questions, nor concerns, please complete our ambassador application here.